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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    29 Jul '02 03:10
    I need a tournament Chaplain again. Kirk (kirksey) will you do us the
    honors on Wednesday. I still have a copy of your last prayer taped to
    the top of my PC at work.
    Assistant TD Baker Invitational Knockout Tournament
  2. Standard member Schliemann
    The Diplomat
    29 Jul '02 03:11
    I second the motion!!!!!!

    Thirds anyone?

  3. Donation kirksey957
    29 Jul '02 03:20
    Would be honoured. Kirk
  4. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    30 Jul '02 02:18
    would you mind if I put your tournament prayers up at the tourney website? I think they'd do well
    being there, reminding people of the spirit with which we enter these games.

  5. Donation vaknso
    The Ambassador
    30 Jul '02 02:39
    Excellet Idea,
    Assistant TD Baker Invitational Knockout tournament.
  6. Donation kirksey957
    30 Jul '02 02:55
    Michael, I have been overwhelmed with the response my one prayer
    got when posted in the first tournement. I hope the one posted on
    Wednesday touches a similar chord with people. One of the
    interesting things I have observed is the perception that chess players
    are perhaps too smart, maybe too secular to worry about a higher
    power or being. But one cannot help but experience the community of
    support on this site, that if I may be honest, many a church would be
    envious of. Too bad we can't all get together face to face. Now
    wouldn't that be interesting! Of course you can put it on the tourney
    website. Good luck to you , my friend. Kirk
  7. Donation maggoteer
    The MAKIA
    30 Jul '02 05:52
    Thanks, I've added the prayer to the Donadoni Page. I look forward
    to Wednesdays invocation. I'm sure it will be as inspiring as the first.
    You have a way with words sir.

    And good luck in your tourney games! Go kick some boo-tay!