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  1. 16 Nov '07 21:41
    Hi. I am playing in my first tournament and it says it's finished!! How can that be when i still have about 16 games that are just now in their final stages with several wins just a few moves away??? I have run out of time in ZERO games, so how can it be closed just because the winner is calculable?? What about the other rankings??? Do I finish the games I have on the board?? Etc! I should have finished about fourth in this tourn. Ahh Maybe as bad as sixth🙂
    Gary Thomas
  2. Standard member Gatecrasher
    Whale watching
    16 Nov '07 22:12 / 1 edit
    Relax. You still get to play out the games. The final table will still update as results come in. It just means that the winner of the tournament has been established. remshalden has 113 points. The most anyone else (including you) can score is 111.

    The reason this calculation is made is so that the winner can be declared before all the games have been played out. Its particularly useful in earlier rounds, because subsequent rounds can begin long before all the games have finished. It helps speed up tournaments considerably.
  3. Standard member Dutch Defense
    Stealer of Souls
    19 Nov '07 12:31
  4. 22 Nov '07 18:41
    Originally posted by Dutch Defense
    Tournament 2807
    I'm sure i've seen another recent thread about the winner of this tourney ...

    spends his first month struggling to hit 1300, then rises rapidly over the next month to 1900, taking in a 100% win rate in this tourney, incl against a 2000+ player ...

    must have a bloody good coach 😉