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  1. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    27 Jul '02 23:04
    Allright all...we are almost here are the few things I need to
    pass on to you.

    1. Each section (except for the top) will have one TD assigned to it.

    I want whoever has white in their game...that way both players do email their assigned TD with the fact the game has started..the
    players..and the game #.

    Section TD's are as follows

    1100 section

    1200 section
    Mommyoftwojps {Note M-F 9-5:30} {any other time}

    1300 section

    1400 section

    1500 section

    1600 section and top section (1700 - 1900)
    Schliemann or

    2. The 1000 section has only two players so far from what I see...the
    only fair thing that I can really do in this is if that noone else signs up
    in this division then they will play each other the winner being named
    section champ and given the option to continue in the 1100 section
    I will be TD for contact over this.

    3.Once again this is a 7 day RATED one black game one white..TO's
    will be strictly enforced...and if a person finds they have too many
    games on hand and cannot play they will be eliminated and the other
    person moves on into the second round unless there is a person
    sitting with a bye in the first round.

    4. Bye in the first round...if we have a odd number of players for a
    section..the highest rated player in his section gets a bye and waits to
    play the second round. He/she gets this due to being the highest
    rated person. FIDE rules.

    Finally..I will announce on Monday when the Tourney is closed for sign
    ups...then hopefully by Wednesday I will post the pairings. And then
    you all can have at it. All updates will be down here in this forum
    (Thank you once again Russ!!) as well as on the Tourney website

    Please contact your section TD's as soon as possible with info I have
    given when we get rolling.

    Thank you all...and Good Luck.

    Any questions about the rules untill we them here and I
    will try to answer all as quickly as I can.

    KO TD
  2. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    28 Jul '02 00:20
    in trying to come up with a layout for the tourney page, I've gotten
    confused by one thing (actually many things, but we needn't go into
    that :&gt😉 If you have time, could you email me something (maybe
    some example) that clears up the issue below for me. It would help
    me figure out how to put together the tourney page.
    Also,it's not really critical yet, so if you are busy with setting things up,
    don't worry about it.

    Don't categories with anything other than powers of two (ie 2, 4, 8, 16,
    32, 64) players require at least one, and possible more byes?
    Somebody else mentioned this earlier, can't remember who. Say there
    are 10 players: 8 fit nicely into ranks, but there are 2 players left out
    of the first round, correct? If correct, when and how are they added

    I'd probably know the answer if I ever watched or played organized
    sports....besides professional beer bottle lifting. And that becomes
    disorganized very quickly...last one standing wins...

  3. Standard memberSchliemann
    The Diplomat
    Slightly Left :D
    22 Jun '01
    28 Jul '02 00:25
    I will email ya about it...too bad you can't run back down here so i can
    draw it out for you...oh well...I am sure you want to stay as far away
    from my neighbors as I do...hehehe

    Also..I just checked your tourney games...move 8????

    Is this just to see who dies of boredom first or what?

    I have a feeling we will be in the third round of the next tourney
    before you get done....whew!

  4. Donationmaggoteer
    The MAKIA
    a bit closer please
    08 Dec '01
    28 Jul '02 01:10
    Simon and I are slow, thinking players! Or is that slow-thinking

    And remember, everyone else had a month's head start on us! Had
    we gotten started when everyone else had, we'd be up to at least
    move...12. LOL!

    I found your neighbor very entertaining; if I'd had more beer in my I
    would have had fun baiting him into...well, let's not go there. Just
    remember, I love chaos...hehehe. But I'm glad I'm NOT the one living
    next to him!
  5. DonationGENIEJML
    Member Since 2001
    Charleston SC
    23 Jun '01
    28 Jul '02 01:53
    HEY dave I have an idea that might make this simpler for you. How
    about I take division 1199 and below that way it is less work for you
    and since there are only two of the under 1100 I think that will make
    my list tem people. Just a thought if you dont like it that is fine also.

    1100 TD
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