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Tournaments Forum

  1. Standard member Lahaina
    Cruel sun
    06 May '05 12:03
    Well, I have played versus an opponent in a tournament. It is sad to write, but I won twice by over-time. See In my profile, there are now two unrated games more: my score did not move... How is that possible? - If somebody got a answer, thank to him/her! The games were: Game 1110420 and Game 1110427 ... :'(
  2. 06 May '05 12:18 / 1 edit
    I think you posted the wrong games. You do have two timeout victories in tournament games though--both games were timed out before enough moves had been made and they are considered "unrated".

  3. Standard member Lahaina
    Cruel sun
    06 May '05 12:21
    The games number are correct: The opponent didn't make even one move... I got twice 3 points for these victories... and they are unrated... Strange... but if it is the law here, ok...
  4. 06 May '05 12:26 / 1 edit
    If less than three moves has been made in the game, you won't gain any rating points but you will get "tournament" points when you claim the win.

    These are the games I believe:

    Game 1104220
    Game 1104227
  5. Standard member Lahaina
    Cruel sun
    06 May '05 12:43
    Right with the games' numbers. Thank you for the answer about the (un)rated games...