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Tournaments Forum

Tournaments Forum

  1. 09 Aug '02 16:53
    I have now ended my both tournamentgames and I wish to study
    some of my coming opponents. How can I find which games they play?

    Sincerely, Nils.
  2. 09 Aug '02 17:40
    Nils -
    Easiest way is to use
    and replace the gameid. The 1400 crowd is:

    1400 tenebr8 bye
    T1000 hardcorepawn 97425
    hardcorepawn T1000 97523
    dcpk gbgnils 97426
    gbgnils dcpk 97427
    !~TONY~! bbarr 97420
    bbarr !~TONY~! 97417
    misslead Dr.Brain 97724
    Dr.Brain misslead 97723
    tharg Alley Crime 97532
    Alley Crime tharg 97536

  3. 09 Aug '02 20:04
    Thank you David- you are a great opponent and a nice conversationist
    also. It was a true pleasure playing you.

    Regards, Nils.