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Chess  Tournament

Chess Tournament

2017 November Quartets I 1690-1800

Description Groups of four
Timeout 3 days
Timebank 7 days
Started 18 Nov '17
Status Round In progress
 3 points for a win, 1 for a draw. Leading player or players progress. Winner of the final group wins the tournament.
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In progressGroup 1 : In progress
Sirveyor1715 white win2227
makiev169842 2225
2advent165821white win 20
Total score3030
Max. possible score18121818
In progressGroup 2 : In progress
palacista1715 white win2635
ScottishGeek169827 white winwhite win
gilaadm165226white win white win
bob58162939drawwhite win 
Total score3764
Max. possible score18101210
In progressGroup 3 : In progress
jertamevHyperion7Red HouseRedHotMayor
jertamev1774 black win2239
Hyperion7171924 2218
Red House16112223 31
Total score0300
Max. possible score15181818
In progressGroup 4 : In progress
peterh1701 2410black win
bobbypops166524 923
bkpchs2371605108 10
mulgabill160145black win10 
Total score0303
Max. possible score15181815
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