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Chess Tournaments

Recent Tournament Victories (Last 21 Days Approx)

Long Haul BandedStandard member Blackpoolmad1479
Grand Long HaulStandard member caissad42362
Long Haul Banded QuartetsSubscriber RedHotMayor1641
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42362
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42362
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42362
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42362
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42362
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42362
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42362
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber 7copeland2285
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42362
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber sbelanoff2395
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42362
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member Mctayto1117
Long Haul SplitStandard member ontheclock2329
Long Haul SplitStandard member kingaroo2300
Long Haul SplitDonation joost2076
Long Haul SplitSubscriber afcacbs2156
Long Haul SplitSubscriber wizardschess1787
Long Haul SplitSubscriber kopsov1871
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member Vikthor1256
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber John Hadley1946
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Thunderrook2434
Glacial Super CasualStandard member mihai522368
Long Haul SplitSubscriber tefeather2040
POPEYE: DONT DARE REPROACH MEStandard member Costad1538
The Patriots End of Summer TournamentSubscriber peter wilton1398
Mini DuelStandard member michelleon2439
DuelSubscriber MMark1786
2016 October Venezolana Opening TournamentSubscriber VESPIN1051
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Nathlowe1425
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber suicidebishop1156
Longhaul Banded OctetStandard member Walakike1142
Longhaul Banded OctetSubscriber arekv2247
Grouped RandomSubscriber cenerentola2501
2017 February St. Maron's Day LebanonSubscriber kingdog1232
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber gundel2184
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber cenerentola2501
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber swandog1541
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2501
Mini DuelSubscriber bohemia511418
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber rabnes1464
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2501
Mini DuelSubscriber Tom Compton1384
Longhaul OctetSubscriber Kunsoo1596
Longhaul OctetDonation achakes1529
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2501
Grouped RandomStandard member NdA721963
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetStandard member michelleon2439
QuintetsSubscriber Toadie1243
QuintetsSubscriber zanussi1565
2017 August welcome Achilles8533 to clubSubscriber spartangreek1112
QuartetsSubscriber lastpawnstanding1407
Grand Seven FourteenStandard member pdunne1985
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2501
QuintetsSubscriber kavi671751
Popeye: Walter Becker MemorialSubscriber Aspasia2175
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber wonkiesboy1406
Angela Merkel ClassicSubscriber Charlie6701506
Amsterdam attack TournamentSubscriber ZorroTheFox1529
Mini DuelSubscriber Simonm1709
French Advance, Nimzovich system TournamentSubscriber ZorroTheFox1529
QuintetsSubscriber IBeatScurvey1498
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber jodem1399
QuartetsSubscriber cteichman1385
Jeanne Moreau MemorialSubscriber sallen1502
2017 November longer oneSubscriber laurence c On Vacation1260
Bang Average November TriplesSubscriber FatKidonaTrampoline1303
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber el toro1240
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber Paul A Roberts1426
Scandinavian Anderssen counter-attack Orthodox attack TournamentSubscriber projectread978
Scandinavian Anderssen counter-attack Orthodox attack TournamentSubscriber RODbr1428
Grand Seven FourteenStandard member pdunne1985
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2501
Sprint DuelSubscriber adalia bipunctata1387
Sprint DuelSubscriber Kings Gambit1551
2017 December HanukkahSubscriber Ponderable1318
QuartetsSubscriber scoop1221356
QuintetsSubscriber meister1183
QuintetsSubscriber scorpio441852
OctetSubscriber john69381512
Sprint DuelSubscriber wonkiesboy1406
QuartetsSubscriber GannonKnight1688
QuintetsStandard member stevenmacgregor1650
QuintetsSubscriber tappa2383
Storm Dylan OctetSubscriber kirbythecat1715
2018 January Isaac Asimov BirthdaySubscriber SadAntAlphaViking1107
2018 January Louis Braille birthdaySubscriber eagleswing1184
QuartetsSubscriber David EL1206
Mini DuelSubscriber AttilaTheHorn1781
Split Seven SevenSubscriber JREwing2191
Beefeater defence TournamentSubscriber ZorroTheFox1529
2018 Janaury David Lynch birthdaySubscriber norfolk and good1354
OctetSubscriber 2advent1729
Vladimir Guerrero InvitationalSubscriber sallen1502
2018 January Robert Burns birthdaySubscriber eagleswing1184
QuintetsSubscriber durienb2034
Greta Gerwig OctetSubscriber sallen1502
OctetSubscriber dotjar1535
OctetSubscriber 76Xadrez1249
2018 Rocks FebruarySubscriber ZorroTheFox1529
Sprint DuelSubscriber AttilaTheHorn1781
Bang Average February TriplesSubscriber OMuniz8601092
2018 February triadsSubscriber Fagarasi0751197
2018 February Johnny Cash birthdaySubscriber lstcyr On Vacation1148
2018 March octetSubscriber laurence c On Vacation1260
OctetSubscriber King Mob1561
OctetSubscriber Timex1555
OctetSubscriber Telemark30001576
OctetSubscriber cenerentola2501
OctetSubscriber Dalradian1625
2018 March octetSubscriber Fransie1231
2018 March welcome Herrach to clubSubscriber bohemia511418
Bang Average March QuartetsSubscriber bohemia511418
OctetSubscriber MargaritaA1277
OctetSubscriber bramble1487
OctetSubscriber chuke1476
Loyola Ramblers ClassicSubscriber jb701551
OctetSubscriber dabensta On Vacation935
OctetSubscriber Dadnay1469
OctetSubscriber Mahoutsoukai1848
Split Seven SevenSubscriber NN Cheap2137
QuartetsSubscriber dejongh1244
King's gambit accepted TournamentSubscriber BigDoggProblem1867
Traxler tourneySubscriber procyk1917
Mini DuelDonation Mulder1203
2018 April octetSubscriber bohemia511418
Pirc Sveshnikov system TournamentSubscriber RODbr1428
QuartetsSubscriber QUAGMYR2318
OctetSubscriber imetfischer1454
OctetSubscriber sardodos1493
OctetSubscriber wim b1691
OctetSubscriber Mahoutsoukai1848
2018 octet 2Subscriber tejus1229
2018 April octet 5Subscriber bowie71087
OctetSubscriber paul11390
OctetSubscriber King Mob1561
OctetSubscriber cenerentola2501
These seem popularSubscriber jb701551
OctetSubscriber Muxloe Fosse1162
OctetSubscriber OldTobyxx11390
OctetSubscriber glammuus1471
OctetSubscriber cenerentola2501
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber Bobby flair fisher1634
King's Gambit acceptedSubscriber procyk1917
molasses in maySubscriber bob581676
To take, or not to take? - 1Subscriber Romie Dread1650
Latvian corkscrew counter-gambit TournamentSubscriber BigDoggProblem1867
A Cheeky ChallengeSubscriber imetfischer1454
Grob's attack TournamentSubscriber Romie Dread1650
OctetSubscriber Clintster1340
OctetSubscriber Muxagata1421
OctetSubscriber Hammer4ever1391
OctetSubscriber Marko Krale1621
OctetSubscriber munichmick On Vacation1689
Nescafe Frappe attackSubscriber BigDoggProblem1867
Smoke on the WaterSubscriber jb701551
OctetSubscriber AttilaTheHorn1781
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber DTH1339
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber kaasbol1301
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber Odinson1612
SpeedersDonation Luck1513
2018 May octet 3Subscriber bohemia511418
2018 May octetSubscriber spartangreek1112
Robatsch (Modern) defenceSubscriber tazforky1506
Give the Wolfe a game open octet slowSubscriber Marko Krale1621
Give the Wolfe a game octet medium paceSubscriber bob581676
Speed Kings OnlySubscriber ZorroTheFox1529
OctetSubscriber emmerli1151
OctetSubscriber spats1585
OctetSubscriber 7copeland2285
Hardcore GrandSubscriber Zabi Jowshan2104
2018 June octetSubscriber Fagarasi0751197
King's gambit accepted TournamentSubscriber aquatabby1910
Sicilian Smith-Morra gambit TournamentSubscriber BigDoggProblem1867
June 5thSubscriber ZorroTheFox1529
OctetSubscriber spartangreek1112
OctetSubscriber dotjar1535
OctetSubscriber mrd351536
Hardcore OctetSubscriber Wycombe Al1237
Hardcore OctetSubscriber Shelrock571649
Hardcore OctetSubscriber NN Cheap2137
Octet - Durkin's attackSubscriber Jim Dog Young1071
Octet - Durkin's attackSubscriber woody651347
Octet - Durkin's attackSubscriber caoimho1404
Octet - Grob Fritz gambitSubscriber mmehtone1479
Octet - Grob Fritz gambitSubscriber 1973mackem1312
Octet - Grob Fritz gambitSubscriber roma451474
Octet - Grob Fritz gambitSubscriber Bob Kramer1757
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber shaddowb31135
Hardcore GrandSubscriber Pattrick062222
Evan's GambitSubscriber Romie Dread1650
Evan's Gambit on SpeedSubscriber SculptorBloke1383
Last move at ChristmasSubscriber Charlie6701506
Hardcore GrandSubscriber Brrr2323
OctetSubscriber Tom Wolsey1694
OctetSubscriber QUAGMYR2318
The Knights who say 'Ni!' 2Subscriber king08091352
Hardcore GrandSubscriber uirafernandes1840
2018 July quick octetSubscriber scwymstr1013
Hardcore GrandSubscriber NN Cheap2137
OctetSubscriber Ruben Panob1826
OctetSubscriber kNIGHTHEAD1745
2018 July quick octet 2Subscriber tejus1229
Hardcore GrandSubscriber NN Cheap2137
One on One LonghaulStandard member benda1452
Long Haul SplitSubscriber NN Cheap2137
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Aspasia2175
DuelSubscriber cenerentola2501
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2501
Long Haul QuartetsDonation chessH1439
2016 November All Souls DaySubscriber kingdog1232
2016 December Mongolia Independence DaySubscriber kingdog1232
DuelSubscriber oldman551844
Long Haul Mini DuelSubscriber joyobonics1361
QuintetsSubscriber cenerentola2501
Mini DuelSubscriber Mitchapolooza On Vacation1441
Mini DuelSubscriber TheBigKat2491
2017 June longer timeSubscriber lstcyr On Vacation1148
2017 June welcome bohemia51 to clubSubscriber Tenacitiz On Vacation1435
QuartetsSubscriber luizandre1650
QuartetsSubscriber ZonaGrad2323
QuartetsSubscriber Minephild1292
QuintetsSubscriber Beavertown1188
Novosibirsk Opening TournamentSubscriber Ponderable1318
Mini DuelSubscriber galesh1362
Marshall ManiaStandard member pdunne1985
Mini DuelSubscriber Paul A Roberts1426
Mini DuelSubscriber taober1955
OctetSubscriber sunnyday25931
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber dougthedoc1614
Mini DuelDonation dcpk1983
2017 December welcome Aquinas to clubSubscriber beechform1084
Ballon d'Or 2017 OpenSubscriber bob581676
OctetSubscriber Baard1394
OctetDonation peterh1601
2017 December welcome Billco to clubSubscriber rookworm1245
QuartetsSubscriber cardinalal1964
QuintetsSubscriber NAWSTAN1476
Dame Darcey Bussell OpenSubscriber kirbythecat1715
2018 January welcome sailjohn1 to clubSubscriber tangerinefish1059
2018 January Coptic ChristmasSubscriber spartangreek1112
Mini DuelSubscriber Caravan Man1493
2019 January triadsSubscriber bohemia511418
Mini DuelSubscriber cheeky On Vacation1301
2-18 January Wayne Gretzky birthdaySubscriber laurence c On Vacation1260
King's gambit accepted TournamentSubscriber Divot Farmer1872
OctetSubscriber Minor2020
OctetSubscriber dinc1681023
King's gambit accepted TournamentSubscriber MAN O WAR1894
2018 March Liza Minnelli birthdayStandard member Costad1538
OctetSubscriber 2advent1729
Hardcore OctetSubscriber mickess On Vacation1109
OctetSubscriber NN Cheap2137
2018 March Vincent Van Gogh birthdaySubscriber lstcyr On Vacation1148
Mini DuelSubscriber jp49951064
Venezolana Opening TournamentSubscriber blue bird1724
2018 April Oleg Cassini birthdaySubscriber scwymstr1013
Greg Invites YouSubscriber fireagate1337
Ruy Lopez Marshall counter-attack, 11...c6 TournamentSubscriber BigDoggProblem1867
OctetSubscriber dondiego661618
Sprint SplitSubscriber rizzers1956
OctetSubscriber Bobby flair fisher1634
OctetSubscriber Melina671524
OctetSubscriber Huntingdon1836
2018 May octet 2Subscriber bohemia511418
Blackmar AcceptedSubscriber procyk1917
OctetSubscriber chrissyb On Vacation1284
OctetSubscriber Ullr1627
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber neilarini1561
Give the Wolfe a game open octet fastSubscriber WOLFE631403
And . . . they're off!Subscriber jb701551
OctetSubscriber ZAPZ1490
June 1stSubscriber kirbythecat1715
Hardcore OctetSubscriber Number 61343
Hardcore OctetDonation Luck1513
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber Bobthebass1649
Skull HuntingSubscriber imetfischer1454

Public Tournaments won - top 30 players.

NameRatingTournaments won
Standard member caissad42362212
Subscriber cenerentola2501158
Subscriber Aspasia2175151
Standard member adim1781117
Standard member atticus22217108
Standard member mihai522368101
Subscriber lastpawnstanding140798
Subscriber Georgie P142993
Standard member Mctayto111793
Donation peterh160183
Subscriber oldman55184471
Subscriber jankrb201364
Subscriber NN Cheap213762
Subscriber AttilaTheHorn178161
Donation Quirine189957
Standard member PA82245154
Subscriber Blanca175354
Standard member phani27197853
Standard member ItsYouThatIAdore166052
Subscriber Swiss Toni197951
Subscriber caoimho140450
Standard member PAWN RIOT227550
Standard member jamjamjoe179249
Standard member zawinul189648
Subscriber masterfosse144547
Standard member kes29189646
Standard member markingfox224345
Standard member RookGrabber122445
Standard member kingshill230643
Subscriber gundel218442