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Chess Tournaments

Recent Tournament Victories (Last 21 Days Approx)

Long Haul SplitSubscriber EssefBee1681
Long Haul BandedStandard member Blackpoolmad1488
The Tao of Chess March tournament (2014)Standard member caissad42364
Grand Long HaulStandard member caissad42364
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42364
Long Haul Banded QuartetsSubscriber RedHotMayor1643
Glacial Super Casual BandedStandard member benda1529
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42364
Glacial Super CasualSubscriber pondskater2096
Glacial Super CasualSubscriber Swiss Toni2077
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42364
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42364
Glacial Super CasualSubscriber tappa2387
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42364
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber paul11366
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber 7copeland2301
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42364
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber sbelanoff2389
Glacial Super CasualStandard member caissad42364
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member Mctayto1119
Long Haul DuelStandard member HumeA1322
Long Haul DuelSubscriber masterfosse1463
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member sh761755
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member Zugswangzuks1868
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber MarcusRemius2535
POPEYE: 21/21 LONG HAUL GRAND OPENStandard member caissad42364
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Imnotkasparov1840
Long Haul SplitStandard member ontheclock2329
Long Haul SplitStandard member kingaroo2319
Long Haul SplitDonation joost2075
Long Haul SplitSubscriber afcacbs2180
Long Haul SplitSubscriber wizardschess1860
Slow QuartetsSubscriber cheeky1413
Slow QuartetsSubscriber tappa2387
Long Haul SplitSubscriber kopsov1937
Long Haul QuartetsStandard member Vikthor1335
Long Haul SplitDonation Quirine2031
QuartetsSubscriber pondskater2096
Long Haul SplitSubscriber HappyChappy2068
Long Haul SplitSubscriber Thunderrook2486
Glacial Super CasualStandard member mihai522417
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber markthedoc1169
Long Haul SplitDonation Quirine2031
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2554
Long Haul SplitSubscriber takinitez0071857
Long Haul SplitSubscriber beatlemania1744
Long Haul SplitSubscriber tefeather2083
Sprint SplitSubscriber cenerentola2554
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42364
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2554
QuintetsSubscriber cenerentola2554
2016 October English, Keres variation TournamentSubscriber kingdog1228
2016 October HalloweenSubscriber kingdog1228
DuelSubscriber 7copeland2301
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Nathlowe1463
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber suicidebishop1372
Longhaul Banded OctetSubscriber Walakike1142
Longhaul Banded OctetSubscriber arekv2355
Long Haul SplitStandard member caissad42364
Grouped RandomSubscriber cenerentola2554
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetSubscriber kNIGHTHEAD1652
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetStandard member cocodrilo2406
Grouped RandomSubscriber cenerentola2554
QuintetsSubscriber cenerentola2554
2017 February 600-1140Subscriber spartangreek1084
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber Antoine1292
Banded ThreesomesStandard member Rockfel1608
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2554
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber cenerentola2554
2017 May Constitution Memorial Day (Japan)Subscriber bohemia511519
2017 May Cinco de MayoSubscriber Timzsn1075
Mini DuelSubscriber Favs1134
2017 May welcome laurence c to clubSubscriber bowie71226
Banded ThreesomesStandard member michelleon2429
OctetSubscriber mallys71253
2017 June Father's DaySubscriber SeamusC1182
QuartetsSubscriber masterfosse1463
Mini DuelDonation Danforth1550
Mid-year Trial TournamentStandard member darko102130
Mini DuelSubscriber Blanca1676
2017 July Triads 5Subscriber Fransie1310
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber NN Cheap2141
QuartetsSubscriber SCsejka1361
QuartetsSubscriber SCsejka1361
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetSubscriber neskayatower On Vacation1547
QuintetsSubscriber BamLFC1224
Grand Seven FourteenSubscriber pdunne2041
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber cawsddyn1399
Latvian Gambit OctetSubscriber jimmer1118
Latvian Gambit OctetSubscriber masterfosse1463
Scandinavian OctetSubscriber CeSinge1394
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber cricketman1682
2017 September octetSubscriber alan holman1392
Mini DuelSubscriber kNIGHTHEAD1652
Real Betis OpenSubscriber 69BenK1520
Nicola and Shona OctetDonation rigidwithfear1561
Colle-Zukertort Thematic OctetSubscriber mallys71253
Colle-Zukertort Thematic OctetSubscriber 2advent1698
OctetSubscriber NaijaKnight1738
OctetSubscriber baltika91474
OctetSubscriber Quanto1451
OctetSubscriber acastano1471
Mini DuelSubscriber TUBTUB1461
QuintetsSubscriber spartangreek1084
World Series OctetSubscriber herrero1415
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber jmwinrider1424
OctetSubscriber taipei5200 On Vacation1341
OctetSubscriber forty21600
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber Andy D1295
OctetSubscriber Akilo1261
OctetSubscriber wavingnotdrowning1370
OctetSubscriber Sport1428
Bang Average November PairsSubscriber FatKidonaTrampoline1281
2017 November octetSubscriber lstcyr1094
pawn holders invitationalSubscriber pdunne2041
OctetSubscriber Baard1782
OctetSubscriber mallys71253
QuintetsSubscriber Muxagata1310
OctetSubscriber deep zero 41265
OctetSubscriber geresene1750
2017 December welcome back VICKY21 to clubSubscriber tangerinefish1061
OctetSubscriber jbuxxx1364
OctetSubscriber mongothepawn1526
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber spartangreek1084
2017 December octetSubscriber alan holman1392
OctetSubscriber lastpawnstanding1316
OctetSubscriber 2advent1698
Hardcore GrandSubscriber cenerentola2554
Hardcore GrandSubscriber AudioRapture2008
OctetSubscriber Mahoutsoukai1712
MUTI under 1600 octetSubscriber Aanatol1427
MUTI under 2000 octetSubscriber Alfie Beamish1722
MUTI under open octetDonation Luck1532
Hardcore GrandSubscriber greenpawn341872
Latvian corkscrew counter-gambit TournamentSubscriber BigDoggProblem1920
Hardcore GrandSubscriber cenerentola2554
Sprint DuelSubscriber King of Cydonia1590
Sprint DuelSubscriber Oded Blayer1286
POPEYE: GAMBIT-SWISS-BIRDSubscriber Tenacitiz1518
2017 July Welcome Terryh7 to clubSubscriber LegendOfEd1220
QuartetsSubscriber mlourenco1440
Dual 2 StandardSubscriber mig211194
OctetSubscriber MMark1668
OctetSubscriber toon1263
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Crowley993
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber squewered1341
Long Haul QuartetsSubscriber Libellule1574
2016 December TriadsSubscriber david19471069
QuartetsSubscriber jmwinrider1424
2017 February Preseren DaySubscriber ggjark1180
POPEYE: D-FOURSubscriber Ed Bernheim1685
Banded ThreesomesStandard member sbacat2331
Mini DuelSubscriber jb701639
Mini DuelSubscriber AttilaTheHorn1709
2017 June Anti-Borg (Desprez) Opening TournamentSubscriber bohemia511519
2017 June Lasker simul special TournamentSubscriber Timzsn1075
Sprint OctetStandard member mihai522417
Two Knights Defense Banded OctetSubscriber wimble1330
QuintetsSubscriber Hyperion71659
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber Number 61495
OctetSubscriber ZAPZ1532
Scandinavian OctetSubscriber The Big Bishop1724
OctetSubscriber jaapm1259
OctetSubscriber Blefer2124
OctetSubscriber tjmarti1586
OctetSubscriber AttilaTheHorn1709
Popeye: Meadows Music and Arts TournamentSubscriber kirbythecat1737
2017 October triadSubscriber achilles95331219
Mini DuelSubscriber Tom Compton1349
2017 November quadsSubscriber alan holman1392
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber ades1252
Everyday is ChristmasSubscriber jb701639
OctetSubscriber ogb2068
Hardcore Mini DuelSubscriber jtab1790
2017 December octet 2Subscriber projectread973
OctetSubscriber OMuniz8601301
OctetSubscriber Georgie P1411
OctetSubscriber ianbellchq1678
Benko gambit half accepted TournamentSubscriber procyk1846
Hardcore GrandSubscriber vandervelde2003
Banded Grand Long HaulSubscriber Lenc1427
2016 May Victoria Day (Canada)Subscriber kingdog1228
Grand Seven FourteenStandard member cardd222234
2017 November Global Opening TournamentSubscriber kingdog1228
2016 December larger TriadsSubscriber Timzsn1075
QuartetsSubscriber cenerentola2554
Banded ThreesomesSubscriber cenerentola2554
QuartetsSubscriber dn841462
Sprint DuelSubscriber ScottishGeek1680
Mini DuelSubscriber neilarini1518
2017 June welcome Fransie to clubSubscriber LegendOfEd1220
Popeye: July Class FishSubscriber Romie Dread1516
QuartetsStandard member mihai522417
2017 September quads 1Subscriber lstcyr1094
2017 October quadsSubscriber bohemia511519
2017 October quadsSubscriber norfolk and good1469
OctetSubscriber 76Xadrez On Vacation1305
Eerste Divisie - Pion van OranjeSubscriber glammuus1486
Mini DuelSubscriber bignig1131
OctetSubscriber lechler1388
Hardcore Mini DuelDonation Luck1532
Hardcore GrandSubscriber Zabi Jowshan1979
MUTI under 1800 octetSubscriber mrr16121525

Public Tournaments won - top 30 players.

NameRatingTournaments won
Standard member caissad42364208
Subscriber Aspasia2090150
Subscriber cenerentola2554145
Standard member adim1781117
Standard member atticus22217108
Standard member mihai52241799
Subscriber Georgie P141193
Subscriber lastpawnstanding131693
Standard member Mctayto111992
Donation peterh166378
Subscriber oldman55179770
Subscriber jankrb220363
Donation Quirine203156
Subscriber vandervelde200355
Subscriber AttilaTheHorn170955
Standard member PA82244354
Standard member phani27181153
Standard member ItsYouThatIAdore166052
Subscriber NN Cheap214151
Subscriber Swiss Toni207751
Subscriber Blanca167650
Standard member PAWN RIOT227550
Standard member jamjamjoe181249
Standard member zawinul189648
Subscriber caoimho148448
Standard member kes29189646
Standard member markingfox224345
Standard member RookGrabber122445
Standard member kingshill230643
Subscriber masterfosse146342