Preliminary Chess Radars

Preliminary Chess Radars

Hikaru Junction

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Preliminary Chess Radars

Hello everyone,

welcome to Hikaru Junction, the only chess blog on the internet with an opinion on white chocolate. (1. disgusting, 2. not chocolate)

I've made a new chess visualization comparing players to each other in the same tournament. (Here, specifically, the Norway Chess blitz tournament this year.)

The categories measured:
Point % (from possible points)
Win % (from possible wins)
Rating inc/dec (blitz over tournament)
Avg % Mistakes+Blunders (lichess)
Avg centipawn loss (lichess)
Perf Rating (online calculator)

I then ranked the players from first to ninth in each category, and plotted them on the following graphs. Each hexagon represents a ranking, the outside hexagon representing the best, the inside circle representing the worst. The base radar is therefore below:

base radar

Then, each of the points is connected (although if consecutive points are on the center circle, there will be no area.) Despite this, the merit of players should not be judged strictly on area (as the area produced can vary depending on the ordering of the rankings.)

For instance, Vladimir Kramnik:

As we can see, he finished third in rating change and centipawn loss, his two best categories.

Here are other radars from this tournament:










Here are links to my spreadsheets for calculating these numbers:

link to spreadsheet 1


link to spreadsheet 2

in case anyone's interested in nittier, grittier details.

Hopefully, this provides a more helpful explanation of which players performed relative to the others in this round-robin tournament. I would, of course, really enjoy any feedback on this, much as I did with my earlier visualization: suggestions, confusion, or anything else. This can be done at the discussion thread: Thread 173509


P.S. I've previously written fiction on this blog in these two posts: Blog Post 302 and Blog Post 286. I've started a new site on which to post unedited first drafts of short stories and novels at:
and I'd be really pleased if I could get some feedback on things there as well if you're interested.

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