Doodles + The Queen Fork Trick + The Hammersmith

Doodles + The Queen Fork Trick + The Hammersmith

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Doodles + The Queen Fork Trick + The Hammersmith


There were 18 air raids on the Forth Rail Bridge in WWII.
Over 200 bombs were dropped and none hit the bridge.
All fell into the sea and according to eye witnesses not one exploded
when it hit the water. There was just a splash, nothing more.

Global warming has dried up the River Floogle which used to flow into the Forth
so the water level of the Forth has fallen and now everytime there is a low tide
you can see these unexploded WWII bombs laying about all over the beach

My new job is sticking a red flag at the east end of the beach whilst the
bomb disposals guys blow these things up.

So I arrive at 9am and have nothing to do till the tide is out so me and
my new friend Sydney (who sticks a red flag at the west end of the beach.)
sit and doodle on the pieces of paper we were given to write down the
number of bombs we find.

Sydney doodled this.

Sydney's Drawing

“Why a chessboard?” I asked.
“Because you do nothing but talk about Chess all day and it’s driven me mad.”

He then snapped in the half the pencil they gave him and ran off.
This is my drawing of Sydney.


Of course with no one to plant a red flag at the west end of the beach accidents
are bound to happen. So far we have blown up two dogs and a tourist.
The tourist was OK, just shaken up and covered in mud but get this.

The tourist is a German lady who is actually the grand daughter of one
of the WW II pilots who was dropped the bombs in the first place.
How’s that for a coincidence?

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No Mating Patterns this week. (they will be back).

Common Errors.
The big advantage one has here is you can see your move before you send it.
And yet some of the blunders are incredible.

This tactic crops up a lot.

White has a double attack on h7 (mate) and hitting the unprotected a8 Rook.

One example will suffice though I have numerous examples of this trick.
AGANDAU - besaswp RHP 2009 Black to play.

Black is in no danger then one silly pawn move. 1…b6 2.Qe4.

Mate on h7 or lose a Rook. 1-0

OK one more example.

Aspasia - snjortp RHP 2010 Black to play.

1…Bb7 looks OK instead 1…dxe4 Qxe4 What other move did Black expect White to play?

Got loads with Black as well.

becdude - Dynamic09 RHP 2004 White to play.

1.Bb2 is the move. 1.0-0 is not the move. White castled. 1….Qe5.

The King or the a1 Rook is lost.

Next we see the same idea but a bit deeper.

Paulisfree2be - jotapina RHP 2008

This next one is comical.
White offers Black a pawn to set up the h7/a8 trick. Black falls for it and losses a Rook.
Six moves later Black offers White a pawn. White takes it and losses a Rook.

Dutchmatador - dutchman RHP 2005

And just to prove all is not misery and gloom in the 1400 DB,
mipmcpt is this weeks Mr. Fox. A delightful piece of Chess coming up.

mipmcpt - Paula Rezovics RHP 2007

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The Hammersmith Theme

(What on earth is a Hammersmith Theme?......Russ)

I strolled onto the General Forum and mentioned that a word that begins
and ends with the same letter is a called an alliteration.

A very small debate followed to determine if that was indeed the correct term
Seems nobody can agree what you call a word that begins and ends with the same letter.

Then some bright spark suggested I find an alliteration game.
A game that begins and ends with the same move.
(I cannot recall who it was, the place is full of bright sparks.)

My mate Swiss Gambit supplied a composed (a made up) example.

OK the search was on but do I call such a unique game?

Back to the General Forum and this appeared posted by Yo It's Me
in Thread 142117 It's questions about the London Underground.

Now the London Underground has a line called the Circle Line.
The Circle Line goes around in one big circle beginning and ending at Hammersmith.

Map of Underground

So a game that begins and ends with the same move is call a Hammersmith.

I have found two on RHP. One with White, one with Black.
Both end up with a mate on move 30. How’s that for a coincidence?

Hammersmith One.

sunbunny21 - Dizzie RHP 2008

Hammersmith Two.

Open2Knight - purk RHP 2007

This week’s closing cartoon has the Hammersmith Theme.
Two Knights and two pawns create an everlasting protection circle.

!~TONY~! - mazziewag RHP 2006

Please add a comment but if you want to post a game or position
based on this blog then Thread 142262

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Comments (12)

  • Posted 2993 days 4 hours and 29 minutes ago
    Hi oliver.

    As I said "4...Kb8 was a more alert move."
    White rolled the bones with 4.Qg4 and got a double six.

    Bad (to me) would have been White allowing Qxh2 mate.
    Instead 4.Qg4 sets a cunning trap which Black fell into.
    It was a gamble.

    5.Qh5 was the juicy move.
    The intructive point being Black should have looked a bit deeper
    before snatching the Rook. (Check all Checks!)
  • Posted 2993 days 12 hours and 44 minutes ago
    Standard memberoliverc
    In mipmcpt - Paula Rezovics RHP 2007, 4. Qg4 seems bad, not cunning. White was in a more or less equal position, but hasn't white given black the a1/h2 fork after 4. ... Kb8. In other words, how does white answer 4. ... Kg8?
  • Posted 2996 days 14 hours and 54 minutes ago
    Standard memberTimmyBx
    If you need a theme song for the Hammersmith tactic, I recommend the song "Closing time" by "Semisonic" with the famous lyrics:

    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.

  • Posted 2996 days 15 hours and 29 minutes ago
    Hi Shallow Blue.

    That would have a been a good alternative.
    And the London Chess shop used to be on Euston Road.

    Looks like an opportunity lost.
    The Hammersmith would better suit a tactical trick.

    Never mind, what's done is done.
  • Posted 2996 days 15 hours and 33 minutes ago
    Standard membergreenerpawn
    Rule 38 doesn't apply in the Bishopsgate and Knightsbridge versions, so MC was legal after all! (Circle Line extension in play).
  • Posted 2996 days 19 hours and 37 minutes ago
    Standard memberShallow Blue
    But the yellow thingie doesn't go past Hammersmith at all... that's the pinko one. And District and Piccalilly.
    The Circle line goes through Euston Square, though. Begins and ends with 'e'. And as a bonus you could call the mating spot the Euston Square.

  • Posted 2997 days 1 hour and 45 minutes ago
    Hi Marink.

    They won't let me near them after they discovered I painted
    some Japanese flags on a few of the bombs.

    The WW II historians were baffled thinking a Japanese
    Aircraft carrier had got into the North Sea and launced an attack.
  • Posted 2997 days 3 hours and 18 minutes ago
    Have you considered sticking pictures of chess pieces on these WW2 bombs and arranging them into classic game positions? Perhaps Svidlers recent Re2!! from the World cup would make a great first piece to explode. 😀
  • Posted 2997 days 13 hours and 7 minutes ago
    Hi Nimzo5.

    Thank you.

    Hi Thoughbaer.

    The only thing that will put Skeeter off 1.c4 is if everyone starts
    playing 1..e5 against it forever. It will eventually drive her mad. 🙂

    Hi GP2

    I cannot post Mornington Crescent in a blog due to rule 38.
    I could if Marble Arch was called Marble Arches and Hyde Park
    Corner was south of the Thames. Damn rule 38.

    I should have used Bethnal Greenpawn at least two of us
    would have been happy.
  • Posted 2997 days 14 hours and 56 minutes ago
    Standard membergreenerpawn
    Hi GP1

    Brilliant blog but beware; alliteration is lots of lovely letters, lol.

    The circle line starts and ends at Liverpool Street. Via Mornington Crescent.
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