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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1763
    Joined 18 Apr '14 10:35
    Last moved 19 Jun '18 07:10
    Rated games 309 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12647142Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber king080920 Jun '18 07:13infoIn progress
12692021Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber king080920 Jun '18 07:13infoIn progress
12691999Subscriber katella On VacationSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 22:10infoIn progress
12691985Subscriber dinc168Subscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 14:26infoIn progress
12770702Subscriber bohemia51 On VacationSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 14:03infoIn progress
12629308Subscriber bohemia51 On VacationSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 14:02infoIn progress
12642819Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia51 On Vacation19 Jun '18 14:02infoIn progress
12684815Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia51 On Vacation19 Jun '18 14:02infoIn progress
12692013Subscriber bohemia51 On VacationSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 13:59infoIn progress
12679052Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia51 On Vacation19 Jun '18 13:59infoIn progress
12644684Subscriber bohemia51 On VacationSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 13:58infoIn progress
12684813Subscriber bohemia51 On VacationSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 13:56infoIn progress
12679051Subscriber bohemia51 On VacationSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 13:56infoIn progress
12642812Subscriber bohemia51 On VacationSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 13:55infoIn progress
12770703Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia51 On Vacation19 Jun '18 13:54infoIn progress
12627771Subscriber king0809Subscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 13:07infoIn progress
12692019Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber lstcyronline19 Jun '18 07:10infoIn progress
12761757Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber FatKidonaTrampoline19 Jun '18 07:10infoIn progress
12761755Subscriber FatKidonaTrampolineSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 07:09infoIn progress
12664879Subscriber kingdogSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 07:09infoIn progress
12684814Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber Ekke19 Jun '18 07:06infoIn progress
12578918Subscriber lstcyronlineSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 07:04infoIn progress
12692006Subscriber lstcyronlineSubscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 07:03infoIn progress
12691992Subscriber oriole1122Subscriber Tenacitiz19 Jun '18 07:01infoIn progress
12721797Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber Ponderableonline19 Jun '18 07:01infoIn progress
12692017Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber oriole112219 Jun '18 07:01infoIn progress
12691978Subscriber cdurkinSubscriber Tenacitiz18 Jun '18 06:11infoIn progress
12692028Subscriber king0809Subscriber Tenacitiz17 Jun '18 18:10infoResigned (0-1)
12692015Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber cdurkin16 Jun '18 12:17infoCheckmate (0-1)
12692020Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia51 On Vacation16 Jun '18 09:34infoGame drawn

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