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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
  • Club rating 1717
    Joined 18 Apr '14 10:35
    Last moved 23 Sep '18 08:53
    Rated games 365 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12872809Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber Ponderableonline23 Sep '18 15:19infoIn progress
12854237Subscriber alan holmanSubscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 14:41infoIn progress
12851690Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 13:57infoIn progress
12854239Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 13:56infoIn progress
12808786Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 13:56infoIn progress
12810569Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 13:55infoIn progress
12808783Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 13:54infoIn progress
12809162Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 13:53infoIn progress
12818915Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 13:53infoIn progress
12818917Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 13:52infoIn progress
12836788Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 13:51infoIn progress
12855293Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 13:51infoIn progress
12855295Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 13:50infoIn progress
12854241Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia5123 Sep '18 13:49infoIn progress
12851689Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 13:49infoIn progress
12818913Subscriber katellaSubscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 13:10infoIn progress
12872807Subscriber PonderableonlineSubscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 11:43infoIn progress
12872810Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber nehezugy23 Sep '18 11:39infoIn progress
12817875Subscriber TenacitizStandard member Fransieonline23 Sep '18 11:39infoIn progress
12872812Subscriber nehezugySubscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 11:38infoIn progress
12692017Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber oriole112223 Sep '18 08:50infoIn progress
12905065Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber king080923 Sep '18 08:39infoIn progress
12905066Subscriber king0809Subscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 08:00infoIn progress
12808790Subscriber king0809Subscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 06:42infoIn progress
12808787Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber king080923 Sep '18 06:41infoIn progress
12810572Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber king080923 Sep '18 06:40infoIn progress
12810574Subscriber king0809Subscriber Tenacitiz23 Sep '18 06:40infoIn progress
12810571Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber bohemia5122 Sep '18 17:41infoIn progress
12843235Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber cdurkin22 Sep '18 14:01infoIn progress
12803961Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber Ekke22 Sep '18 08:34infoCheckmate (1-0)

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