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600-1500 CLUB
frequent, varied tourneys; banded and open; come join us!
    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12813219Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber bohemia5117 Jul '18 23:01infoIn progress
    12761923Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber Chewie97617 Jul '18 23:01infoIn progress
    12682346Subscriber SadAntAlphaVikingSubscriber Philokalia17 Jul '18 23:00infoIn progress
    12747589Subscriber spartangreekSubscriber projectread17 Jul '18 23:00infoIn progress
    12779170Subscriber projectreadSubscriber spartangreek17 Jul '18 23:00infoIn progress
    12745309Subscriber FatKidonaTrampolineSubscriber Philokalia17 Jul '18 22:59infoIn progress
    12806547Subscriber projectreadSubscriber caesar salad17 Jul '18 22:59infoIn progress
    12776516Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber malhem17 Jul '18 22:59infoIn progress
    12776514Subscriber malhemSubscriber Philokalia17 Jul '18 22:58infoIn progress
    12759072Subscriber MGRIFSubscriber projectread17 Jul '18 22:58infoCheckmate (0-1)
    12761751Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber bohemia5117 Jul '18 22:58infoIn progress
    12754447Subscriber laurence cSubscriber Philokalia17 Jul '18 22:57infoIn progress
    12759115Subscriber Terryh7Subscriber projectread17 Jul '18 22:57infoIn progress
    12722814Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber lstcyr17 Jul '18 22:56infoIn progress
    12754448Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber laurence c17 Jul '18 22:56infoIn progress
    12764714Subscriber Terryh7Subscriber projectread17 Jul '18 22:56infoIn progress
    12761748Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber Philokalia17 Jul '18 22:55infoIn progress
    12761750Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber OMuniz86017 Jul '18 22:55infoIn progress
    12764711Subscriber projectreadSubscriber Terryh717 Jul '18 22:55infoIn progress
    12759084Subscriber projectreadSubscriber Terryh717 Jul '18 22:54infoIn progress
    12761745Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Philokalia17 Jul '18 22:53infoIn progress
    12732530Subscriber taipei5200Subscriber tampermanonline17 Jul '18 22:53infoIn progress
    12722813Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber Philokalia17 Jul '18 22:53infoResigned (1-0)
    12735716Subscriber PhilokaliaSubscriber MGRIF17 Jul '18 22:52infoIn progress
    12735713Subscriber MGRIFSubscriber Philokalia17 Jul '18 22:52infoIn progress
    12761921Subscriber LEURSubscriber Philokalia17 Jul '18 22:51infoIn progress
    12761918Subscriber Chewie976Subscriber Philokalia17 Jul '18 22:51infoIn progress
    12785884Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber LegendOfEd17 Jul '18 22:48infoIn progress
    12752910Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber Timzsn17 Jul '18 22:48infoIn progress
    12761861Subscriber lstcyrSubscriber LegendOfEd17 Jul '18 22:47infoIn progress

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