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    Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
    12810759Donation LuckonlineSubscriber Iron Dukeonline21 Jul '18 13:45infoIn progress
    12809832Subscriber AspasiaStandard member caissad4online21 Jul '18 13:38infoIn progress
    12809839Subscriber Romie DreadStandard member caissad4online21 Jul '18 13:34infoIn progress
    12810766Subscriber Iron DukeonlineDonation Luckonline21 Jul '18 13:34infoIn progress
    12816247Donation LuckonlineSubscriber MAN O WAR21 Jul '18 13:27infoIn progress
    12816248Subscriber MAN O WARDonation Luckonline21 Jul '18 13:26infoIn progress
    12810373Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber Charlie67021 Jul '18 13:24infoIn progress
    12809947Subscriber norfolk and goodSubscriber derekxv21 Jul '18 13:24infoIn progress
    12804047Subscriber jmwinriderSubscriber Ponderable21 Jul '18 13:22infoIn progress
    12804046Subscriber PonderableSubscriber jmwinrider21 Jul '18 13:20infoIn progress
    12817307Donation LuckonlineSubscriber Startreader21 Jul '18 13:11infoIn progress
    12385404Subscriber neilarinionlineStandard member pdunne21 Jul '18 13:10infoIn progress
    12761921Subscriber LEURSubscriber Philokalia21 Jul '18 13:10infoIn progress
    12789282Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber Lizard King21 Jul '18 12:43infoIn progress
    12798247Subscriber jmwinriderSubscriber dn8421 Jul '18 12:40infoIn progress
    12798240Subscriber dn84Subscriber jmwinrider21 Jul '18 12:39infoIn progress
    12517787Subscriber jb70Standard member pdunne21 Jul '18 12:34infoIn progress
    12517790Standard member pdunneSubscriber jb7021 Jul '18 12:12infoResigned (1-0)
    12523970Subscriber raioxStandard member pdunne21 Jul '18 12:08infoIn progress
    12786163Subscriber dn84Subscriber soni21 Jul '18 12:07infoIn progress
    12524001Standard member pdunneSubscriber raiox21 Jul '18 12:07infoIn progress
    12787761Subscriber dn84Subscriber soni21 Jul '18 12:06infoIn progress
    12787758Subscriber soniSubscriber dn8421 Jul '18 12:06infoIn progress
    12786162Subscriber soniSubscriber dn8421 Jul '18 12:06infoIn progress
    12697091Subscriber dn84Subscriber king080921 Jul '18 12:04infoIn progress
    12385407Subscriber 3rd Ave SlingerStandard member pdunne21 Jul '18 12:02infoIn progress
    12741726Subscriber LegendOfEdSubscriber king080921 Jul '18 11:48infoCheckmate (0-1)
    12735456Subscriber elsportSubscriber king080921 Jul '18 11:43infoIn progress
    12385405Subscriber 3rd Ave SlingerSubscriber rossw21 Jul '18 11:36infoIn progress
    12385400Subscriber rosswSubscriber 3rd Ave Slinger21 Jul '18 11:33infoIn progress

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