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  • Subscriber gundel On Vacation
    Club rating 1991
    Joined 03 Jun '11 11:53
    Last moved 15 Jul '18 10:11
    Rated games 216 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12736108Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber gundel On Vacation15 Jul '18 20:10infoIn progress
12771879Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber texasnurse15 Jul '18 19:53infoIn progress
12605825Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber andrew12zy12 Jul '18 12:03infoIn progress
12650542Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber andrew12zy12 Jul '18 12:03infoIn progress
12650603Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber gundel On Vacation12 Jul '18 00:24infoIn progress
12736107Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber Aspasia09 Jul '18 16:43infoIn progress
12605886Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber gundel On Vacation09 Jul '18 09:26infoIn progress
12771980Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber gundel On Vacation08 Jul '18 16:31infoIn progress
12605908Subscriber 76XadrezSubscriber gundel On Vacation12 Jun '18 21:59infoResigned (0-1)
12605827Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber 76Xadrez09 May '18 16:56infoResigned (1-0)
12171058Subscriber AspasiaSubscriber gundel On Vacation08 Jan '18 07:45infoGame drawn
12315713Subscriber ZorroTheFoxSubscriber gundel On Vacation19 Dec '17 00:58infoResigned (0-1)
12315674Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber ZorroTheFox03 Dec '17 17:50infoResigned (1-0)
12171056Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber 64squaresofpain08 Nov '17 12:59infoResigned (1-0)
12171055Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber Aspasia05 Nov '17 18:11infoResigned (1-0)
12171061Subscriber 64squaresofpainSubscriber gundel On Vacation27 Oct '17 23:35infoResigned (0-1)
12315684Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber texasnurse22 Sep '17 08:02infoResigned (1-0)
12315913Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber gundel On Vacation18 Sep '17 06:55infoCheckmate (0-1)
12315833Subscriber Steven AnthonySubscriber gundel On Vacation13 Sep '17 02:25infoResigned (0-1)
12315680Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber Steven Anthony15 Aug '17 05:48infoResigned (1-0)
12127032Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber texasnurse26 May '17 16:32infoCheckmate (1-0)
12127218Subscriber jb70Subscriber gundel On Vacation25 May '17 21:46infoResigned (0-1)
12127029Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber Steven Anthony23 May '17 02:10infoResigned (1-0)
12127318Subscriber texasnurseSubscriber gundel On Vacation17 May '17 06:52infoResigned (0-1)
12127258Subscriber Steven AnthonySubscriber gundel On Vacation21 Apr '17 07:54infoCheckmate (0-1)
12127027Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber jb7014 Apr '17 15:52infoResigned (1-0)
11705267Subscriber Charlie670Subscriber gundel On Vacation12 Apr '17 19:19infoResigned (0-1)
11752729Subscriber andrew12zySubscriber gundel On Vacation27 Jan '17 07:47infoResigned (0-1)
12036896Subscriber gundel On VacationSubscriber jmi6015 Jan '17 01:01infoResigned (1-0)
12036909Subscriber jmi60Subscriber gundel On Vacation15 Jan '17 01:01infoResigned (0-1)

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