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Bang Average
For players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments
  • Club rating 1183
    Joined 16 Jul '17 13:39
    Last moved 21 Mar '18 01:02
    Rated games 100 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12648259Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber suicidebishop20 Mar '18 20:53infoIn progress
12648258Subscriber suicidebishopSubscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 20:50infoIn progress
12624840Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber BigD0020 Mar '18 20:44infoIn progress
12638836Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber BigD0020 Mar '18 20:43infoIn progress
12646044Subscriber BigD00Subscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 20:42infoIn progress
12646046Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber BigD0020 Mar '18 20:42infoIn progress
12638799Subscriber BigD00Subscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 20:42infoIn progress
12624837Subscriber BigD00Subscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 20:42infoIn progress
12648213Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber king080920 Mar '18 19:09infoIn progress
12647953Subscriber king0809Subscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 16:10infoIn progress
12647952Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber king080920 Mar '18 16:10infoIn progress
12648218Subscriber king0809Subscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 16:09infoIn progress
12646536Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Tenacitiz20 Mar '18 10:57infoIn progress
12646538Subscriber TenacitizSubscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 10:57infoIn progress
12646047Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber jocular30620 Mar '18 02:59infoIn progress
12646049Subscriber jocular306Subscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 02:59infoIn progress
12648215Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 02:55infoIn progress
12648212Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber bohemia5120 Mar '18 02:55infoIn progress
12648208Subscriber shadowplaySubscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 02:52infoIn progress
12596313Subscriber shadowplaySubscriber OMuniz86020 Mar '18 02:52infoIn progress
12596326Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber shadowplay20 Mar '18 02:52infoIn progress
12648211Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber shadowplay20 Mar '18 02:52infoIn progress
12624839Subscriber suicidebishopSubscriber OMuniz86019 Mar '18 16:37infoResigned (1-0)
12596292Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber OMuniz86019 Mar '18 16:36infoIn progress
12645925Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber OMuniz86019 Mar '18 13:07infoIn progress
12645926Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Tathagatas19 Mar '18 13:07infoIn progress
12624841Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber suicidebishop18 Mar '18 19:28infoResigned (1-0)
12597773Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber OMuniz86018 Mar '18 19:12infoIn progress
12597775Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Tathagatas18 Mar '18 19:12infoIn progress
12596323Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Tathagatas18 Mar '18 19:12infoIn progress

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