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Bang Average
For players 1100 - 1350 that like Tournaments
  • Club rating 1091
    Joined 16 Jul '17 13:39
    Last moved 19 Sep '18 22:49
    Rated games 276 club games played
    Win by color
Game idWhiteBlackLast MoveGame State
12850163Subscriber jkmelancononlineSubscriber OMuniz86020 Sep '18 02:13infoIn progress
12898875Subscriber Muxloe FosseSubscriber OMuniz86019 Sep '18 22:47infoIn progress
12898882Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Muxloe Fosse19 Sep '18 22:47infoIn progress
12808939Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Tathagatas19 Sep '18 11:52infoIn progress
12796442Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber Tathagatas19 Sep '18 11:52infoIn progress
12796441Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber OMuniz86019 Sep '18 11:52infoIn progress
12808937Subscriber TathagatasSubscriber OMuniz86019 Sep '18 11:51infoIn progress
12816661Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber DTH19 Sep '18 11:51infoGame drawn
12761750Subscriber PhilokaliaonlineSubscriber OMuniz86018 Sep '18 21:16infoIn progress
12889019Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber bohemia5118 Sep '18 00:32infoIn progress
12889413Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber bohemia5118 Sep '18 00:31infoIn progress
12889415Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber OMuniz86018 Sep '18 00:31infoIn progress
12889021Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber OMuniz86018 Sep '18 00:31infoIn progress
12876967Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber OMuniz86018 Sep '18 00:31infoIn progress
12795681Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber OMuniz86018 Sep '18 00:31infoIn progress
12795668Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber bohemia5118 Sep '18 00:31infoIn progress
12813220Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber OMuniz86018 Sep '18 00:31infoIn progress
12820023Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber bohemia5118 Sep '18 00:30infoIn progress
12820030Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber OMuniz86018 Sep '18 00:30infoIn progress
12813219Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber bohemia5118 Sep '18 00:30infoIn progress
12788494Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber OMuniz86018 Sep '18 00:30infoIn progress
12781878Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber OMuniz86018 Sep '18 00:29infoIn progress
12876965Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber bohemia5118 Sep '18 00:29infoIn progress
12898684Subscriber bohemia51Subscriber OMuniz86018 Sep '18 00:28infoIn progress
12898683Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber bohemia5118 Sep '18 00:22infoIn progress
12820024Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber king080917 Sep '18 01:39infoIn progress
12795674Subscriber FatKidonaTrampolineSubscriber OMuniz86015 Sep '18 16:34infoCheckmate (1-0)
12826225Subscriber suicidebishopSubscriber OMuniz86015 Sep '18 15:01infoCheckmate (1-0)
12850160Subscriber DTHSubscriber OMuniz86014 Sep '18 17:56infoResigned (1-0)
12850168Subscriber OMuniz860Subscriber jkmelancononline12 Sep '18 20:09infoCheckmate (0-1)

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