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I'm a 74-year old male, live in Delaware, USA. Married, 2 grown kids, USAF Vietnam veteran. Now retired after careers as an Air Traffic Controller and in advertising sales. I collect, show and drag race cars from the '60's, with a preference for Big Pontiacs - a '63 & a '65 (though I have a '62 Corvette and a '63 Studebaker Avanti, as well). My most recent acquisition is a near-duplicate (except for different colors) of my first car - a '58 Pontiac Bonneville that I had bought in 1963.
I've played chess (never seriously) off & on for 60+ years. It used to be hard to find games - I'm thankful for the advent of the internet. Too lazy to study chess - would rather play - so I'm not skilled at openings and theory.
Good luck to you (but hopefully better luck to me). This site allows plenty of time to play, so time-outs will be claimed, & I expect the same.

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