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  1. Subscriber Chris
    Site Admin
    01 Feb '07 15:46
    For those who might be interested, we've just created a quick site that consolidates chess stories from RSS feeds each day - it can be found at
  2. 01 Feb '07 21:36
  3. 01 Feb '07 23:16
    Another winner from Chris and Russ!
  4. Subscriber Chris
    Site Admin
    02 Feb '07 11:12
    Please feel free to suggest and RSS feeds you may be aware of that contain chess-related stories and I will include them in the daily update.

  5. 02 Feb '07 21:22
    Very nice. Can you add or (I'm not sure if either has a feed).
  6. Standard member coentje
    08 Feb '07 17:53
    how about
  7. Standard member theprotectors
    Gandalf's Hero.
    21 Apr '07 18:32
    Theis guys has the thinking cap on at all times.
    Look at them gooooooooo.
    W T G guys
  8. 29 Jun '07 22:51
    Sweet! Any plans to add its very own rss feed?