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    21 Feb '01
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    edit 2015-04-22 : The new UI is now live

    Read a very brief discussion of the new page header, and the relocation of the "My" menus. Includes a screenshot showing "before" and "after".

    Blog Post 235

    We have created a help forum thread which will be maintained with a FAQ in the leading post as common questions appear. Please read this before sending feedback or posting to the help forum.

    Thread 163857
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    08 Jul '08
    25 Apr '15 06:53
    Where is the ladder games menu? Can't find it in new UI
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    14 Apr '07
    26 Apr '15 02:48
    Great new look Russ. Love the clean design.

    I am wondering if the previous game research tools for clan leaders like "view games" is going away because of bandwidth or layout. I am having trouble balancing player matches without some research like before. Maybe a direct link type of search like:

    just guessing a path off a page I was on. If that is easier than finding a layout solution, please let me work a little to help the cause. Just send me a template or link.