1. SubscriberRuss
    RHP Code Monkey
    RHP HQ
    21 Feb '01
    09 Sep '20 18:116 edits
    During the global lockdown period we let nearly all recently expired subscriptions run, but now lockdown is easing, I felt it was time to tackle an audit that was going to be slightly more problematic than normal.

    Some members with very long-standing ( supplied) subscriptions may have found their subscriptions expired today, which may have been a surprise, because the normal email requesting an update prior to cancellation was probably not received.

    This is regretful, but our provider for those original subscriptions ( has changed their systems considerably over the years - most recently after they were bought out by a competitor. And this is about to happen yet again, with another payments provider, Verifone, purchasing the 2Checkout business.

    Not all orders have migrated over as expected in the past, and as a result, expired, but previously very long standing subscriptions were cancelled to move people to our current payment processors.

    This audit will help the migrate everyone to other payment providers away from*, who appear to be going through a turbulent period and avoid a potential risk in the future of RHP's funding.

    Hopefully anyone inconvenienced today by this will decide to renew - there really is some interesting things coming in the near future to RHP, so your further support is very much appreciated.

    Apologies particularly to those long term subscribers disrupted by the above who have been quietly supporting the site for years.


    * We have not been using 2Checkout for new subscriptions for about a year now. Recently, we have been using and PayPal for the web site, and Apple and Google from the apps.
  2. Joined
    28 Nov '05
    10 Sep '20 09:38
    I have read the post you sent and now understand.
    Sorry for all the difficulties. Its a crazy time on many levels
    Thank you for the information and explanation
  3. Upstate NY
    04 Aug '06
    11 Sep '20 11:25
    FYI, Russ, the main subscription page still says this:

    ", Inc. and Stripe,Inc are authorized retailers for Red Hot Pawn Chess"

    While 2co is not an option button for payment, this line may be a source of confusion for those of us who had their subscriptions through 2co. When I recently had my subscription revoked, this was the first page I went to. And, when I saw 2co described as an "authorized retailer", I then futilely pursued the issue with them until I realized what you explained above.