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  1. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    18 Jan '13 14:59
    Like Sherlock Holmes or Harry Nile? I have a long commute and found them on XM I think chan. 80. Anyone else listen? Holmes is done before a live audience. Radio drama is alive and well. I thought it all ended in the 1960's but people like Jim French has made a huge enterprise of it. There is a violinist by the name of Coral Sepulveda who does some music on he shows. She is an incredibly gifted violinist but I can't find much out about her. When I first started listening to SH I thought, because the Holmes character was played by a guy named John Patrick Lowrie, his voice was so authentic sounding you could almost picture him with a high collar coat and magnifying glass. So I thought what I was listening to was something transcribed from the 1940's or something. I found some email address and asked about Coral Sepulveda, asking if she was still alive, I said if she is alive, she must be 90 yo or something. They assured me she was not 90 and it was only months later I realized these productions were new ones. I think it is on the Radio classics channel, chan. 80 on XM. I found out Lowrie is pretty famous in the voice over world, having done voice work for dozens of video games and commercials and live plays and such.