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    01 Mar '11 02:48
    I am not an Avril Lavigne fan but I decided to give her new album a one and only listening-to, and I found it rather interesting in a few ways:

    (a) the album takes a tour through many of the generic formulae and musical idioms with a very accomplished aplomb;

    (b) the 26 year old's lyrics seem to be pitched perfectly at delinquent 14 year old girls (and the boys that fancy them) or wannabe delinquents whose most delinquent act (perhaps) is stuff like listening to Goodbye Lullaby; one wonders if 18-25 year olds, having often not fully shed their teenagerdom, also identify with these themes, dilemmas and sentiments;

    (c) the music is unbelievably compressed and normalized; it makes me think of a substance coming out of a collapsible tube.

    Technically and commercially brilliant, perhaps. Will it be a hit though? Anyone else listened to it?

    If exactly this package of music had been 'produced' by an 18 year old would it stand to move even more units?