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  1. Standard member DrKF
    incipit parodia
    18 Sep '10 13:20 / 1 edit
    Something I have an interest in. If you do, too, here's a couple of resources: - an absolutely brilliant blog maintained by music historian Thomas Patteson, with regular postings of audio clips exploring the historical origins of electronic and experimental music. An absolute gem of a blog with some real rarities and out-there stuff.

    YouTube - 'What the Future Sounded Like', a three part documentary about the the people of EMS (Electronic Music Studios) a radical group of avant-garde electronic musicians who utilized technology and experimentation to compose a futuristic electronic sound-scape for the New Britain. - 'The Tone Generation'. Originally a ten-part series (now with 19 episodes due to popular demand) in which artist/musician Helliwell delves into his archive to look at the development of electronic music right across the world in the classic era of analogue technology. - curated by David Butler of Manchester University's School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, this is an extensive archive of Delia Derbyshire's pioneering work for the BBC Radiophonic workshop.

    Like it says in the thread title, bleep, bleep bleep! If that's your kind of thing.