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Culture Forum

Culture Forum

  1. Standard member rbmorris
    23 May '08 05:05
    Short movie about a house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1935.
  2. 23 May '08 07:20
    Wright was amazing and one of the few people whom I think really deserve the title 'ahead of his time'. When you think that Fallingwater was built in 1939 and Taliesin West 1937 and heck, even the Guggenheim in 1959, you get a real feeling for what a genius this man was. I still believe he's whom Rand based Howard Roark on, or at least got the inspiration from, despite her denial.
  3. Standard member neonpeon41
    The Conductor
    24 May '08 03:39
    Very cool video.

    My wife and I visited here last summer. Truly a beautiful masterpiece. I love the setting, very peaceful. I appreciate how well it's preserved as a museum, but secretly wish I could have it as my summer home.