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Culture Forum

Culture Forum

  1. Subscriber FMF
    Main Poster
    28 Dec '12 16:06
    Not the New Series, but the regular 'jazz etc.' of the ECM label.

    Half a dozen gems:

    Benedikt Jahnel Trio - Equilibrium

    Andy Sheppard - Trio Libero

    Nik Bartsch's Ronin - Live

    Bobo Stenson Trio - Indicum

    John Abercrombie - Within A Song

    Arild Andersen - Celebration
  2. Standard member Grampy Bobby
    Boston Lad
    29 Dec '12 13:55
    "Personal Mountains" (Keith Jarrett)
  3. Subscriber FMF
    Main Poster
    29 Dec '12 14:35 / 2 edits
    Originally posted by Grampy Bobby
    "Personal Mountains" (Keith Jarrett)
    That came out 30 or more years ago. If you like that particular band and its material, then think about getting Keith Jarrett, Jan Garbarek, Palle Danielsson, Jon Christensen - Sleeper - Tokyo, April 16, 1979 which DID come out in 2012 but was recorded a few days apart from the concert captured on "Personal Mountains".

    "Nude Ants" was recorded at around the same time: