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  1. Standard member Seitse
    Doug Stanhope
    27 Feb '08 09:01
    Why not?

    I mean, poems can be inspired by love, hate, war, peace, politics and religion; sex, dreams, angels, and the like. Yet, we all eat, or at least we would like to, and some of the brightest moments of our lives have to do with food... or really good food.

    So, here we go. Please share your food poem with us.

    My rye bread

    Warm and fluffy
    you dawn from the toaster
    better than a boiled lobster,
    a slice of the sky.

    Rye bread, oh rye bread!
    Rye bread, oh rye bread!

    Heavenly you are with butter,
    a caring host as well for cream cheese,
    sometimes a slice of ham is bliss
    it is so much what you have to offer.

    Rye bread, oh rye bread!
    Rye bread, oh rye bread!

    Never change, my brown bite of rainbow,
    do not let Kraft invade Northern Europe
    and try to sell to us a substitute
    because I'd rather eat my own elbow.

  2. 27 Feb '08 11:26
    As if I were food

    squeeze me
    taste me
    keep me on the boil

    cut me up & baste me
    sweat me in oil

    beat me tender, blenderize me
    soak me in wine

    stew me
    smoke me
    pickle me in brine

    tie me up & blanch me
    microwave me rolled

    fry me up for lunch

    & finish me cold.

    By Charles Johnson