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    Fast and Curious
    04 Jul '14 00:09 / 10 edits
    Mississippi John Hurt: Make me a pallet on your floor:

    John Hurt was rediscovered in 1963 by my guitar teacher, Mike Stewart and Tom Hoskins. I was in DC too late to have met John. But I was studying his tunes in 1963 as it turned out, independently.

    Another great guitarist, Memphis Minnie in the 1930's:

    Me and my chauffeur

    Blind Reverend Gary Davis, whom I met and he taught me a bit in 1960:

    One of his signature songs, 12 Gates to the city, here with Sonny Terry on harp, 1940!

    Blind Boy Fuller:

    "Meat Shakin' Woman":

    Blind Willie McTell:

    "You was born to die"

    Huddie Ledbetter, 'Leadbelly', House of the Rising Sun:

    Robert Johnson, "Crossroads" (story goes he was poisoned by his jilted girlfriend, died really way too soon)

    Skip James 'Crow Jane"

    And of course, Son House!

    Death letter: