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  1. 13 Jan '10 22:06 / 1 edit

    One of the great rock and rollers of the past decade has died in his sleep.

    One of the greatest shows in recent memory that I attended was Jay with CPC Gangbangs where Jay punched some kid in the face and walked off the stage. That's when the crack-addled promoter tried to incite the crowd. It was a great night that will never be forgotten.

    Jay Reatard's 2006 In The Red album "Blood Visions" is, in my opinion, one of the best DIY albums in garage history and one of my favourite rock albums of the past ten years.

    "Lindsey emerged on the Memphis music scene as the leader of late-'90s punk outfit The Reatards. He and Trout co-fronted the cult-favorite synth-punk act Lost Sounds in the early '00s. More recently, Lindsey had risen to international prominence in indie-rock circles on the strength of his recent solo releases. After a string of hot-selling singles on New York-based indie label Matador Records, he released the full-length album Watch Me Fall on Matador last August."

    Alright, that's it. Just wanted to share.