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  1. 15 Apr '10 19:56
  2. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    17 Apr '10 14:34
    Originally posted by zeeblebot
    So did anyone see the american version 'just visiting'?
  3. 18 Apr '10 01:18
    there is a trailer for Just Visiting on the Les Visiteurs DVD.

    it looks like it has the same actors in the two lead roles, looking older, with different names in the movie, in manhattan or somewhere like that.
  4. 18 Apr '10 01:20 / 1 edit
    there is a Les Visiteurs 2 but it did worse at the box office. different actors for some parts, according to wikipedia. Beatrice is different. the original actress was good in the first movie (haven't seen the sequel).