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  1. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    01 Jul '14 00:11

    This is about the time frame I spend an evening with the Reverend. Along with Michael Cooney, a budding folksinger in 1960!

    We both excused ourselves from Dick and Marylyn Powell's apartment, drove home to our separate places, got a tape recorder, both came back, 2 tape decks on the table, both saying, whoa! Slow down that Candyman! What a memorable time. This was in San Diego, I was 17 and just learning folk guitar. He had played at Circes Cup coffee house run by Dick and Marylyn, along with another guy who became my friend much later, Stu Jameson, a great banjo player and all around genius polymath. My mouth was hanging open for both guys! I guess because of that I was invited to their flat for an evening with the Reverend!