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Culture Forum

Culture Forum

  1. 28 Oct '15 15:32
    Hello all

    Just probing out there to see if there is any interest in another RHP Prose competition as its coming up to that time in the year when i usually "try" to run one. (i'll post this in the general forum too - which is its usual home)

    Its been a regular competition on these forums since its creation and you can have a look at entries from the last four years (when ive had the fun of organising it)

    Thread 147590 - 2012
    Thread 151594 - 2013
    Thread 157410 - 2014
    Thread 163032 - last year's competition

    If you are interested or have any queries please send me a PM - its always great getting new writers and old writers on board - i usually try to get a dozen pieces up.

    More specifics will come up closer to the kick off of the competition as i'm aware a lot of the previous writers have disappeared and interest might not be that high