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Culture Forum

  1. Standard member Seitse
    Doug Stanhope
    01 Oct '09 09:53
    You know you love him...

    Moreover, he gave us the 90s best rap song: Ice Ice Baby.

    Show your love here!

    - - -

    This thread was brought to you thank to the generosity of the
    Michael Jackson Foundation for Lonely Children.
  2. Standard member Blackamp
    18 Oct '09 10:09 / 1 edit
    everybody knows the 90s' best rap song was this gem from Sir Mixalot:


    i'm disappointed in you, dude.😞

    hard to believe Mixalot was a former Southern Baptist minister.😲
  3. Standard member Blackamp
    18 Oct '09 10:35
    best. rap. video. EVER:

  4. 18 Oct '09 11:11

    couldn't find the video we got to see in ireland but, well actually the song sounds pretty crap now without the video.

    enjoy 😕