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  1. Standard member Seitse
    Doug Stanhope
    17 Apr '10 11:11
    So, what's your opinion about it?
  2. 17 Apr '10 18:21
    I liked it a lot. I know of others who hated it. That's gotta say something?
  3. 17 Apr '10 18:45
    Aren't the Coens usually polarizing like that, though?
  4. 18 Apr '10 05:07 / 2 edits
    At the end of the credits, it reads: No Jews were harmed in the making of this movie. 🙂

    I enjoyed it. It was hard to decipher its meaning. I thought perhaps it was about the frustration of the individual in the modern world; at the mercy of events and powers greater than himself (like nature). The illusion of normalcy is the dream we escape to to deal with the crushing sense of inferiority. Tornados in dreams signify feelings of losing control.