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  1. Standard member DrKF
    incipit parodia
    19 May '11 18:10 / 1 edit
    Did you know that the theme from Inception is an orchestration of the Edith Piaf song we hear later on slowed down so as to be almost unrecognisable? It's the tip of an iceberg of super-slowed music that's been bubbling under with some more left-field netlabels for a while.

    Two of the tracks that have made more of an impact, and worth a listen, are the transformation of a Justin Beiber song (bear with me, but it's 'U smile', since you ask) in to a perfect ambient anthem by slowing it down 800% and a similar treatment for the theme to Jurassic Park:


    Also for people who like artists like Leyland Kirby/The Caretaker and Ben Frost.

    (EDIT: fixed the link)
  2. Standard member Seitse
    Doug Stanhope
    20 May '11 07:06
    Four. The answer is 'four'.