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  1. Subscriber sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    04 Dec '10 02:17 / 2 edits
    Anyone a you tube guru here? My question is this: Suppose I want to play some music live with a guitar, fiddle, banjo or whatever using my little webcam and mic just to get something on, is the audio compressed automatically to some kind of mp3 format? Also what is the video rate? How much bandwidth do you need to get out of your IP provider to deliver audio and video to You Tube? Thanks ahead of time!

    I think I only get like a half meg/second of upload speed. Is that enough to do a you tube?
  2. 11 Dec '10 15:38 / 1 edit
    Your internet service provider (ISP) and broadband speed don't really matter.

    You should just record your video, then based on your broadband speed it may take a short or long time to initially upload your video to youtube but then once it's there its going to be stored on the youtube servers so it's not longer got anything to do with your ISP. When someone plays your movies it's streaming straight from a youtube server to their computer. I would guess youtube accepts mpg format which is a video and sound format but i'm not sure about others, prob easy to find out with a quick search. I've seen some high definition videos on youtube so I would guess they allow different video qualities to be uploaded too.