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Culture Forum

  1. 04 Apr '15 14:05
    In Belgrade's Cinematheque there are Gregory Peck days going on, and yesterday was special:
    Mirage (1965) never seen before
    Arabesque (1966) seen several times, always nice to see again
    Kill Mocking Bird "of course"

    First two were directed by Stanley Donnen, who is by the way still alive (born in 1924).

    He directed musicals, amongst others "Singing in the Rain", but since I am not much of musical guy, I prefer "Charade" "Arabesque" and "Blame It On Rio", for example - light comedies.

    He used to exploit filters, close shots, crane shots in order to express characters dizziness or blurred stae of mind - as in "Mirage" and "Arabesque" so his films remind on band The Queen's video spots from the seventies.