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  1. Standard member sonhouse
    Fast and Curious
    03 Jul '14 23:23 / 14 edits
    Not in any particular order, I already put up a bunch of Richard Thompson, here is Martin Simpson: "She Slips Away" A tune about the passing of his mom.

    Here is a song by another Blues singer/guitarist Blind Willie Johnson which was done by Davy Graham: I Can't keep from crying sometimes. Played and sung by Martin Simpson, slide guitar:

    Here is a conversation with Ricky Skaggs and Martin Simpson about guitar playing:

    Martin doing some Celtic Airs:

    Another virtuoso: Pierre Bensusan: Merrily kissed the Quaker and Cumla:

    Speaking of Davy Graham: Maajun, A taste of Tangier

    Done in 1964

    Davy, Bruton Town:

    Can't leave out Doc Watson!

    Omie Wise:

    Doc doing Loudin Wainwrights Windy and warm:

    And a sad one, Doc's last performance just days before he died:

    And here is Bert Jansch, Anji, written by Davy Graham in a version that totaly blew me away in 1963, played for me by Harry Tuft at the Denver Folk Center:

    Here he is doing Blackwater side, live:
  2. Standard member hakima
    07 Jul '14 02:59
    I just listened to the Celtic Airs...beautiful! Thank you!