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  1. Standard member O Artem O
    22 Mar '09 04:31 / 1 edit
    i was just wondering if some one knows what play i'm talking about.
    i saw it i school about 1 year ago and cant remember what it was.

    it was a 3 or 4 part play(the teacher said it had a website, were you can watch it)
    and it is about a man trying to kill him self. he attempts several times and fails they he danced at the bar with a woman in yellow(which the teacher made a big emphasis on, guess she was important) ow yea we never saw the whole think only 1 part 🙁 i would love to see this play, but cant remember the name of it and tried google and cant find anything,
    any help is appreciated

    ow yea i just remembered most of the play they did not talk just a couple of phrases
  2. Standard member O Artem O
    22 Mar '09 04:44 / 1 edit
    ow wait i think i found it!!!!!

    🙂 yep its that. cant wait to watch it
  3. Standard member O Artem O
    22 Mar '09 05:07
    lol seems its just me talking but now i cant find it on dvd and read that they dont have it,
    so does any one know is it recorded on dvd or something?
  4. 22 Mar '09 23:53
    Nice avatar. 😀
  5. Standard member O Artem O
    23 Mar '09 02:53
    Originally posted by scherzo
    Nice avatar. 😀
    lol tnx its the perfect size too