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    28 Dec '04
    10 Jul '08 03:361 edit
    I listen to XM radio on the way to work and sometimes to Sherlock Holmes from the 1940's and 50's. This one features a violin piece the announcer says is Coral Sepulveda. It took me several weeks to convince myself it was Coral and not some british pronouncement of Carl. So I googled the name and got some vague hits with the spelling of Coral Sepulveda. The piece on the the show is very virtuosic
    and I wondered who he was. I don't suppose anyone here has heard of him. I assume its a him and not a her, could be either, it was a unisexual violin performance🙂
    Well a goo search turned up this name at the Seattle Opera in the violin section so it's interesting she is still alive, must be 80 or something if it's the same person.