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  1. Standard member Crowley
    Not Aleister
    21 Jan '09 06:46
  2. Standard member lordhighgus
    Kara Thrace &
    21 Jan '09 10:34
    Originally posted by Crowley
    Have only read about it on line, only good things too. Have they released the first series? Did hear rumours on some spoiler sites that it wouldnt be picked up.
    I'll have to download when available.
  3. 21 Jan '09 14:17
    Not Alan Moore.,,20213004,00.html
  4. 21 Jan '09 16:18
    Originally posted by Crowley
    I'm suspicious of Watchmen for one reason: the director's last movie was a joke (300). "Tonight we dine in HELL!" Please. After the first half hour of slo-mo shots I thought I was in hell.

    Here's to hoping that Watchmen doesn't suffer from the same unfortunate movie-making sins as 300.
  5. Standard member Mexico
    Quis custodiet
    22 Jan '09 10:43
    I fairness Moore has an impressive distaste for modern Hollywood film in general always has always will. Also they've made several messes of his work already, from hell was awful, as was Constantine, V was an entertaining movie but horrible adaptation of a great comic.

    @ commentator on 300, yes it was cheesy crap, did you read the Graphic novel though? It was pretty faithful TBH and I enjoyed the film for that and the fact that I was telling myth as myth. Not myth and history like that stupid troy movie etc.

    Personally I've avoided Watchmen trailers and will not be jaded by literature or commentators. Watchmen is one of the greatest pieces of literature I've ever read and I want judge the film for myself and hopefully take the same enjoyment from it I took from the comic, although I doubt it'll be nearly as good.

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? indeed