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Debates Forum

  1. Subscriber mchill
    11 Dec '16 15:10 / 2 edits
    Many of the right wing have criticized President Obama for not using a more forceful military approach to Syria. What these misguided folks don't understand is Syria is a "Lose - Lose" situation for America. Little or no military response and Russia has a greater influence in the region. Sending in thousands of boots on the ground and responding with massive or even moderate bombing and/or rocket attacks and America risks a military confrontation with Russia over a country that is of little strategic value. So, here is a cool solution: Republicans, get off your rumps join the Army, go through basic training. America will arm and equip you, and ship you angry little fist shakers over to the mddle east so you can show those Russkies a thing or two. I'm sure we'll have millions of well to do republican lawmakers, lawyers, office workers AND THEIR DRAFT AGE KIDS, lining up to practice what they've been preaching for the last 8 years. I'm sure these same folks would NEVER dream of being so hypocritical, as to scream for a forceful military response without being willing to join in the fight. Am I right? So, Republicans, here's your chance. Put up or shut up!