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Debates Forum

  1. 19 Feb '10 21:52

    Barack Obama: crumbs of comfort from a dog's dinner of a presidency

    Barack Obama has one advantage that should not be discounted, says Simon Heffer.

    By Simon Heffer
    Published: 7:20PM GMT 19 Feb 2010

    It has been a shocking week for President Obama, who was superb at not being George W Bush but not, it turns out, at being anything else. Democrats are deserting dodgy seats ahead of November's mid-terms, convinced they cannot hold them because of Mr Obama's disastrous failure to implement all those juicy campaign promises to transform America into a prosperous nation again. His grandiose health care scheme is in ruins. Unemployment is high and large parts of urban America are industrial wastelands. A poll even showed that St Barack was likely to be a one-term president, unthinkable a few months ago. He has one advantage, however, that should not be discounted: his enemies are nowhere near finding a figurehead to take him on, despite Mitt Romney's attempts to build himself up, and Sarah Palin's wooing the Right. He can console himself, too, with the thought that a failed president, against an absurd opponent, can still win: it's exactly what George W did in 2004.
  2. 19 Feb '10 21:52
    yes, so far it looks like Obama for another term, no matter how bad he does on the first.