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Debates Forum

  1. 04 Jul '09 23:36 / 1 edit
    A voto nulo protest vote by defacing one's ballot is a vote for the PRI.

    The PRI has political machinery in place to get the vote out during low-turnouts as are typical during midterm elections.

    The voto nulo favors the PRI's get-out-the-vote efforts in the countryside organized through decades of one-party rule. The networks are still there, the connectons, the privileged ties to power...

    El voto nulo es un voto por el PRI.
    El PRI mantiene el red y mecanismo para obtener votos en los pueblos en las provencias durante eleciones como esta - entre eleciones presidencialies - cuando no hay muchos votantes. en esos instances, ayuda tener la infraestructura del pri obtenido durante el systema de poder de un partido como lo tuvo el pri por 70 anos.
  2. 06 Jul '09 07:08
    Given the major 8% reduction in Mexico GDP due to falling oil production, falling oil prices, falling international trade, falling remittences, and falling economic activity due to credit unavailability and other economic headwinds,
    the PAN's 27% to the PRI's 35% poll standing at this time is really not that bad.

    In fact, it's somewhat of a victory.

    It's also a victory for Mexico, because voters appear to be consistently voting for parties that demonstrate a willing to work to change Mexico and create new reforms for economic and other progress and work together to pass legislation.
  3. 06 Jul '09 08:20
    The old ruling party, the PRI, re-emerged from its shameful hideout of obstructionism, preventing Fox from implementing dramatic economic reforms. No longer the forgotten party of obvious corruption and blatant vote-buying… it became a party of hidden corruption and more suble vote-buying, and one that compromised with Calderon to pass watered down reform.

    The PRI’s re-emergence was clear at the polls, where it was ahead 35% – 27% for the PAN, versus a meager but still double-digit showing for the PRD.

    Perhaps the most misunderstood aspect from commentators that skim the news… the Mexican economy lost 8% GDP and STILL the PAN maintained a substantial seat at the table. Considering that voters vote with their wallets, like the Republican Party in the US found out last year, the PAN pulled in a remarkable showing during the midst of one of the worst economic crisis to hit Mexico in its history due to the international credit crisis and resulting title wave affecting Mexico’s exports, oil prices, and remittances… not to mention what the drug gang shootouts and Swine Flue did to tourism.

    What the voters in Mexico are saying is clear to the PRI and to the PAN and to the PRD, it is one consistant message:

    Compromise to make change actually happen…. or perish.

    The PRD, which initially followed AMLO’s path of obstructionism was punished just as the PRI had been the previous election before they adapted. Now the PRD is being told severely to adapt to the need to push for change through compromise, cooperation, and through a united front.

    The PRI was rewarded for working with the PAN.

    It doubled its seats from its previous turn towards oblivion by doing a complete about-face from obstructionist party to eager cooperation with Calderon’s PAN.

    And the PAN, despite being the party in power during the economic crisis and swine flue, managed to pull off a 2nd place, silver-medal showing with still strong public support for Calderon.

    Any party that wants to continue to remain in the voters’ favor will have to deal with a popular President during a time of crisis… and a party with still the second greatest weight in Mexico’s Congress.