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  1. 25 Oct '13 21:46 / 4 edits
    David Cameron denies ordering an american hot pizza. The phones of 35 European Leaders could(?) have been spied on, including Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel.

    EU leaders are getting concerned about US data spying and some want the EU pool of data under their control or based in Europe, a summit's going on now.

    I looked up the wiki article on PRISM and it has slides saying it's taken from the big net companies Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Skype etc. Their data combined. All of them will have a US and International sets of data, if the later are in PRISM, the US owns some French web browsing and most of the UKs.

    007 films have phone taping, their must of been a US system to monitor phones prior to PRISM - especially if they own the networks, you'd need one. I think PRISM has a lot of data because we quite willing send it.

    Where should the US draw the line? - Specifically should they use a companies full data set, e.g Google or Yahoo globally or should they be limited to the US section?