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Debates Forum

Debates Forum

  1. Standard member Bosse de Nage
    Zellulärer Automat
    23 Nov '09 09:48
    Makes sense at first glance!
  2. 23 Nov '09 09:52
    if they want out, let em out.
  3. Donation rwingett
    Ming the Merciless
    24 Nov '09 00:10
    Originally posted by Bosse de Nage
    Makes sense at first glance!
    Demarchy sounds like an interesting approach. I wish the Welsh well. But I'm increasingly inclined to think that politics is a dry well. You can make your political system better, but it won't matter much as long as there is no economic democracy. Real democracy requires each, and I think all that politics really accomplishes in the end is to fool people into thinking that political democracy is all that's needed. Politics tends to only legitimize current economic arrangements. I think progressives would do well to forget about politics for a while and instead concentrate on building an alternative economy. Change the economy and the politics will fall in line. And I think that after a century and a half of Marxist misadventures they are beginning to do just that.
  4. 24 Nov '09 20:50
    slice Wales out of the UK.

    infiltrate with socialist and communist cadres.

    spice it up with polyandrous/polygynous communes ("love shacks".

    and a boy band!

    they won't know what hit 'em!

    it's a plan!
  5. 24 Nov '09 20:51
    isn't chavez already trying that in panama and/or costa rica?