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    02 Aug '08
    12 Oct '16 15:05
    Most people will remember this is the word Hillary Clinton used to classify "half of Donald Trump's supporters".

    Republicans protested then for a few days "how can one insult millions of fellow Americans in this way?!!", Democrats kept quiet and the issue died down.

    I'm not American but have been following the election campaigns since the beginning, fascinated by what someone has called "The Greatest Circus in the World".

    The word and, if true, what it may imply and what deductions may be made, has been puzzling me:
    a) Did Hillary have the right to say it publicly?
    b) Is her statement correct?

    Some possible answers:
    a) It may be politically incorrect but there is no ethical reason preventing her from voicing her opinion about a certain group of people;
    b) If the numerous examples of Trump's attitudes/actions show him to be of dubious character and morals, then you could say he is a deplorable person. Is it then not logical to conclude that half of his supporters must also be deplorable?

    Which raises other questions:
    c) If such a despicable person is attempting to become president of the most powerful country in the world (meaning, what happens there affects the rest of the world, unfortunately), and his own party lets him pursue his goal, what does that say about that party?
    d) Since he is supported by millions of Americans, what does that say about the country? If American, would you be embarrassed?