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Debates Forum

Debates Forum

  1. 24 Jul '10 23:08
    This happens more than I care to think about. Now who is responsible for that if it turns out to be truth?
  2. 25 Jul '10 00:25
    I think that both oil companies are responsible. Of course the government is responsible too.

    Failure to carry out inspections in a timely manner makes the government responsible. Total ineptitude makes the two companies responsible. I wonder what the government in the UK is going to do to PB. Oh, that's right, nothing.

    You'd think a country like the UK would be concerned with the enviroment and how one of its companies is trashing the world.
  3. 25 Jul '10 04:22
    hopefully the 50M or whatever it was liability cap includes an override for gross negligence.

    certain oil rig supervisors are probably preparing their overseas escapes right now.