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    29 Dec '08
    27 Mar '18 15:12
    Facebook depends on maximizing eyeball-minutes to sell its product (those eyeball-minutes) to advertisers and others, including some who do research to find and exploit audiences for political exploitation..

    Those eyeballs belong to us. (Except me and others not on FB.)

    FB does what it can to induce us to make FB an integral part of its daily life.How many people do a FB check upon arising.

    Certain elements of this structure can be found on RHP. All website owners want their site to be popular, Some personal information is given to the site, some advertisers buy access to non-subs, etc.The forums provide ways to "poll" people on various subjects.

    What triggers my thinking is noticing the trolling done by some here. Trolling is another way to stir up participation.

    I think RHP is quite benign. It just strikes me how much most public web sites have in common with the behemoth FB.