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Debates Forum

  1. 07 Mar '11 03:14
    what now, isolationists and creationists?
  2. 07 Mar '11 03:14
    they'll be finding flint points, next.
  3. 07 Mar '11 03:17


    He found bacteria-like creatures that he calls "indigenous fossils", which he believes originated beyond Earth and were not introduced here after the meteorites landed.

    "He concludes these fossilised bacteria are not earthly contaminants but are the fossilised remains of living organisms which lived in the parent bodies of these meteors, e.g. comets, moons, and other astral bodies," said the study.

  4. 07 Mar '11 03:17
    i would guess a smashed planet rather than a comet or asteroid, unless such maintained closer orbits to the Sun than they do now.
  5. 07 Mar '11 08:21
    Lets wait for comments from other scientists before making any conclusions. So far it is just the claims of one man.
  6. Standard member Seitse
    Doug Stanhope
    07 Mar '11 08:30
    Originally posted by zeeblebot
    what now, isolationists and creationists?
    I'll be praying for your soul, my friend.