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Debates Forum

  1. 11 Oct '09 21:05
    There is no victory is simply seeing a President fail, regardless of ideological differences.

    The question is, how is a political peace possible in America?

    I propose for one that Obama modify his health care stance but even moreso Nancy Pelosi, who always seems to be pushing for some tactical error or other as when she was delaying the economic stimulus package in the House until Reed saw through that stupidity and passed his own more quickly in the Senate.

    The house needs a workable bill that's realistic. As Democrats said in the Senate, there is no sufficient support for a health care bill with a public option.

    Obama is bearing the brunt of the healthcare reform attacks. Part of this is the fault of Pelosi's radicalism in the House. She may end up costing the Democrats the next election or the bill its more affordable possibilities.

    We need an affordable plan that does not add much to the fiscal burden and that doesn't take much away from the freedoms of others.

    Some pain on both sides is acceptable to compromise away from fiscal imprudence or political extremism.

    Contrary to what some would have others believe, failure is not the goal of most people in the moderate center.

    Success comes through cooperation and reform.

    The healthcare system is indeed broken, but not just because of low coverage, but rather because of impending fiscal insolvency in America.

    We need spending reductions now and in the future in healthcare, including medicare and social security.

    Is it even possible?

    Fiscal insolvency ought not be an option for America.

    China is rising and can be a partner, but it ought not also have all the savings while America saddles itself with all the debt.