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    20 Oct '16 13:59
    The video discusses these points:

    1.Ditch the live audience
    Like a sitcom audience, the reactions of people attending are influencing subconsciously or not the people watching at home.
    2. Different moderators.
    Don't put news anchors in charge of moderating. They will try to produce sensationalist news (which is sadly their job description nowadays)
    Instead appoint former judges. Respected college professors in law, sociology, economics. Former presidents even.

    People knowledgeable enough to call the candidates out when they are lying or dodging the question. The voters don't need to see Trump being an ass on stage. they need to see if the Trump knows what he is talking about.

    3 Chess time.
    Like in chess, allow each candidate a certain total time. When one interrupts the other, pause the latter's clock and start the former's.

    When Trump kept interrupting Clinton with "Wrong", he got to disrupt her argument without actually having to defend his position. Each wrong should have cost him a minimum amount of time .