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Debates Forum

Debates Forum

  1. 21 Apr '10 18:14

    Hot off the Press!

    Inconvenient Youth: Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection to Launch New Initiative on Earth Day

    The Climate Project Will Invite Five Teenagers to be Trained Personally by Gore

    Inconvenient Youth Will Build Next Generation of Environmental Leaders

    For immediate release: Tuesday, April 20, 2010

  2. 21 Apr '10 18:14
    LOCK ... step ... LOCK .... step ... LOCK ... step ...
  3. 21 Apr '10 18:47
    Could be a golden opportunity for a teenage climate skeptic - get yourself chosen as one of the five lucky people to get inside Al Gorewonka's Inconvenient Chocolate Factory. Get to spend lots of quality time with The Man himself.
  4. 21 Apr '10 19:12
    hmm. i was browsing BNP and KKK wikis a little while ago. seem there are a lot of journalists inserted in those orgs. altho KKK got more difficult after they lost their HQ in a lawsuit and they decentralized. ($7M for shootings of five little old black ladies.)